Fan favorite Hungarian, Tamás Kenderesi says he is coming to get the gold

On Thursday in a newspaper, Tamás Kenderesi confessed that he was expecting a gold medal at the World Championships in Budapest.

Tamás Kenderesi, the Olympic bronze medalist, expects a very good performance at the FINA World Championships in Budapest. He says his form is very good, trainings went well, he wants to be a world champion.

Kenderesi did not yet swim in the Duna Arena competition pool and this will not change until the start of the World Championships, even though almost everybody else has tried out.

The Rio Bronze medal winner, however, thinks it’s better this way.

“I do not know if it is a superstition, but I think it’s better to leave it like this.”

Kenderesi said in an interview with a Hungarian newspaper that he was doing well in training, and according to his times at the trainings, he has every chance to win a gold in front of the Hungarian audience.

The fan favorite swimmer starts on a 200m butterfly where Hungarian legend, László Cseh will be in the field alos. Tamás Kenderesi remarked that it was very motivating to compete in front of a Hungarian audience.

“It will be even more special that my family and friends can be there,” he said, adding that he was expecting a very good world championship.

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