Former Olympic champion enjoys life away from pool

There are very few such successful sisters or brothers in sport as the Australian Campbell sisters. 25-year-old Cate is a two-time Olympic and world champion, while 2 years younger sister, Bronte has reached the top at the Games once and three times at the FINA World Championships.

Bronte has already bagged two silvers in Budapest with the 4x100m freestyle relay and the mixed 4x100m medley relay, however her sister is not here this time as she is taking a break from sport currently.

Cate – world record holder until Swedish swimmer Sarah Sjöström swept the 100m freestyle event kicking off the 17th FINA World Championships with a new world record- did not leave her sister alone. Although she does not enter any events in Budapest, she accompanied her sister to the Hungarian capital.

We had the opportunity to discuss with Cate Campbell (who is by the way planning to take up a career in sports journalism) in the media centre of Duna Arena.

It is well-known that you are not participating in FINA World Championships in Budapest. As you are here now, and you can see the huge show around, have you regret anything?

„On my way to the media center I saw everybody was training and I was thinking: ’Yes, I made the right decision.’ I am so glad that I am not swimming at the world championship. Training is so hard and I do not want to be doing that. I walked into the pool and honestly this is probably the best swimming pool I have ever seen. Maybe I have just a little bit of regret, I am seeing some fantastic swims, the atmosphere is incredible, a part of me wants to be at the battle out there as well. But I am really enjoying that I was taking a step back and just seeing the swimming at the first time because normally I am in the water.”

You can read the complete interview here.

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